Aston Martin CEO Regrets Making Only 150 Valkyrie Hypercar

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150 Cars Isn’t Impressive Enough. Will Aston Martin Make More?

There can never be a better marketing gimmick than making a product that performs way above your expectations. It is a marketers dream.

It is therefore not surprising that Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer is regretting that only 150 examples of the Valkyrie hypercars will be made. They are all sold out, way before production.

The Valkyrie isn’t your everyday hypercar or one that needs so much pushing to hit the right chords or achieve whatever goal it is set to do. For starters, it is a vehicle developed in conjunction with several like-minded partners including Red Bull Advanced Technologies, Rimac, Cosworth, and Integral Powertrain Ltd.

The numbers are amusing, as it generates a scary 1,160 horsepower and pulls 664 pound-feet of torque. The engine provided by Cosworth is a 6.5-liter V12.

The exterior is also a killer look design that is not only dynamic but also incredibly radical and no doubt one of the endearing factors that make the Valkaryie such a sort-after hypercar. It is no wonder then that the good CEO feels bad for producing it in minimal numbers. He said, “it is really painful, sometimes and one of the things I keep promising myself is that we say we’re going to do 150 and we don’t do 151 – I think it’s really important that when you make a promise, you keep it. When people are writing a big check, you have to live up to it.”

What we do know, nonetheless, is that the Valkaryie will live beyond the promises it has demonstrated so far.