Here Comes The BMW-8 Series… 19 Years In The Making

The Revival of a Performer. Whats new?

There are several things you will love about the BMW 8-Series, but practicality is on top of the list. Start by the fact that the BMW can accommodate four people,has ample front space to allow tall drivers great comfort and even a spacious boot that can accommodate some luggage such as suitcases. This is a clear demonstration of a car that is built to take care of adventurous tourers seeking a combination of performance, speed, style and luxury.

The BMW B series has some sensible history to it and it is interesting to see the evolution and metamorphosis it has gone through in the years. It premiered in 1990 and existed as a two-door coupe. The modern version is a proud carrier of a 4.4 litre twin-turbo V8 engine riding at a massive 523 hp. This gigantic power is well supported by a four-wheel drive system.

Such a vehicle deserves great sporting abilities and it indeed harbors them. Among BMW’s acclaimed them is the ability to sprint from 0-62 mph(96 kph) in a record 3.6 secs. With the speedometer hitting 155mph/249kph,this second generation BMW will find favor in the hands of enthusiasts looking for a chilling thrill.

It is also a much wider vehicle that is also lower and shorter than its predecessor the 6-series. The chassis is embedded with a multi-link rear suspension and a limited-slip differential that is manipulated electronically.

The BMW 8 series is arguably a befitting vehicle for several driving situations. It can accommodate a lean family, its also good for long distances and you will not be disappointed if you try its sporting abilities.
As BMW plans to launch in November, it oozes confidence that the second generation motor will perform optimally with its immense marketability characteristics.