Jaguar-Land Rover Unveils New Concept Vehicle Called Project Vector

(Photo Source: Jaguar-Land Rover)
The vehicle on a “Destination Zero” mission

Though this new vehicle hails from Jaguar-Land Rover it actually doesn’t resemble any of its predecessor from either line and forms its own unique identity. One thing is for sure when it hits the roads, it is sure to draw attention and have heads turning.

The Project vector concept is inspired by the idea of the future of mobility with a cube-shaped design and the vision of their “Destination Zero” mission. The “Destination Zero” mission aims to create a vehicle with zero emissions, zero crashes, and zero congestion through their services and products in all their facilities. Though the mission statement is in mind of multiple car makers, JLR is taking a unique approach to making this mission possible.

The “autonomy-ready” electric car will feature a steering wheel and is built as a multipurpose vehicle, offering several configurations for the driver and passengers. The seating configurations can accommodate a group of people for a shared or private setting. This vehicle also features more cargo room in the interior thanks to their design of featuring the drivetrain components and battery in the flat floor of the vehicle.

The concept behind the new vehicle is to focus on mobility service and is built to coexist with preexisting private vehicles without replacing them entirely. JLR has yet to confirm any of the main specs for the new vehicle but auto enthusiasts predict they will be seeing more from the new concept vehicle at one of the upcoming major international auto shows.

JLR plans on starting the on-road pilot programme in the town of their headquarters in Coventry, England.