The 900 hp Ford Mustang Lithium Is For Thrill Lovers

Credit: Unsplash
Looking too familiar, yet stands as too different

There is a distinguishing factor that is set apart electric vehicles. In as much as they seem all very similar, they are still different in several ways. Anyway, this is still true for gasoline consuming machines.

We hardly expected that electric cars would need a stick shift to move gears, yer the Ford Mustang Lithium is designed to carry a gear shift when it comes around. It is an extremely fast machine rocking no less than 900 horses and 1,000 pound-feet of torque. The battery is supplied by Webasto, giving the car an 800-volt battery system that powers the electric motor under the hood.

Ford aims to make this more outstanding than anything we’ve seen so far. It will even carry a six-speed manual transmission, used to send power to the rear wheels. This is the first one in the class of all-electric vehicles.

The interior is als classic work of engineering. The brakes on this car are picked straight out of the legendary Shelby GT350 uniquely giving the Lithium the undisputed force and Ford Performance’s Track Handling package.

The kind of groundbreaking technology we see in this car helps to see the unexplored elements of electric engineering. In other words, though we’ve seen so much, there is so much to see and learn as well.