The Ferrari FF Is A Jewel In Its Own Class

(Photo Source: Ferrari)
The family-friendly Ferrari

The Ferrari FF debuted back in 2011 and brought with it a good deal of enviable shifts from the first. The FF abbreviation, for instance, hinted to the four-seats and four-while drive settings of this lovely little car.

It was designed by Pininfarina under the guidance of Ferrari’s chief designer Flavio Manzoni. But why did it get as much attention?

The design of the Ferrari FF was poised to bring about some controversy. It gave this car a lengthy rear, of course, to fit in the four-seat arrangement.

However, even as it attempted to invoke some family-friendliness, it still keeps up with performance and numbers are as good as any other Ferrari. Gifted with a V12 engine, this car still manages 651 bhp.

The drivetrain is particularly praised for the engineer’s inventiveness in building the gearing system while using a clever method of distributing torque to the front and rear wheels. With a car taking in 6.3 liters managing to pull such extraordinary specs, Ferrari was able to convince fans that this car was still worth the hefty price.

It was heralded many observers as a good groundbreaking and went ahead to become a darling of many reviewers. It still remains one of the most noticeable and Ferraris to have been built in recent years.