Audi To Give Only 100 Units Of The RS5 Panther Edition

Credit: Unsplash
Black as a panther, with speed and agility to match

The Audi Rs5 is the exquisite and outstanding kid on the block. It is clothed in very special ways and looks admirable in all forms. It is no wonder then that only 100 pieces of this car will be offered.

It is officially the Audi RS5 Sportback, further distinguished as the Panther edition. It will be offered in 75 Sportbacks and 25 coupes. It is the brainchild of Audi’s Product Manager Anthony Garbis.

As if to further stamp its uniqueness, the Audi RS5 Panther Edition will cost $13,000 more over the base RS5 Sportback. Generally the RS5 is a vehicle worth all the hype and everything else it comes with. Under the hood is a V-6 engine pulling about 444-hp and 317 lb-ft to 443.

When this is combined with the Audi’s rear-biased Quattro all-wheel-drive system, you get a smooth-riding machine for urban cruising. It is mated to a fluid eight-speed automatic transmission. By all means, this is a great car for a comfortable ride at the time.

Created to beat the likes of the BMW M4 and the Mercedes-AMG C63, this Audi is especially strong and capable. You will no doubt love the diamond stitching and a set of the fully digital gauge cluster.

The infotainment comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability and as expected, lots of driver-assistance features are aboard. When these capabilities are set upon the 100 RS Panther Edition, then you are guaranteed of a life-lifetime worth of a memorable treat.