Beyond Expectations: Here Is The McLaren 675LT

Credit: Unsplash
Curved To Step Into Big Shoes

To make the 675, McLaren scaled up the 650s to make the iconic McLaren 765LT. This upgrading did not disappoint. It enhanced the aerodynamics, gave the car a more powerful engine.

Then McLaren made the icing on the cake by making only 500 of these cars. As expected, they became a sensational hit, gaining lots of popularity with fans and enthusiasts.

Perhaps one of the elements that made the 675 LT an outstanding machine was the fact that it was given the drop-top configuration, making it a true gem among enthusiasts. The 650 was in itself a car made with several special looks, performance and other specifications in general.

To this day, it is still a car that knows its stuff and that always a car with a ride quality to spare. This is a vehicle endowed in a very unconventional way and one that has remained competitive in spite of several changes that have taken place in the industry over the years.

It is not only good enough to hit the road on a sunny day but also practical for general use. Having shed a lot of weight, the 675 Long Tail(LT) became a befitting replacement of the 650s. The beautiful thing about it is that it was able to outdo and overreach the expectations.