Built For Epic Performance: This Is The Ford FP350S

Credit: Unsplash
You Can’t Ignore The Ford Performance Mustang FP350S

At the 2016 Performance Racing Industry Ford unveiled one stocky, gracious, fast and extraordinary sports car named the Mustang FP350S. It was a track-only prototype meant for speedy, nerve-wracking and captivating performances such as the Trans Am, NASA, and SCCA among other racing tackles.

The heart of this massively gifted car is a V8 engine that takes in 5.2-liter and developed by Ford Performance Parts. It is twined to a Tremec 3160 manual transmission.

The suspension is built for racing no doubt and it is further boosted in performing its duties by the electric power steering system. The wheels given to this one-off Ford measured 19-by-10.5-inch for the front and 19-by-11-inch in the rear arch.

Not even the Ford Performance splitter was of less importance. The rear wing which is adjustable was crafted from carbon-fiber. It has the sole role of ensuring better aerodynamic performance.

Releasing the racing machine for the world to behold, Dave Pericak, global director of Ford Performance said: “Our goal has always been to provide those who want to race with equipment that enables them to compete and win.”

Not only was this one meant to win on tracks but also to win hearts. It is lovely, sporty and ingeniously made. It is these kinds of machines that make you question the rationale of building one-off units…there should have been more of these.