Let’s Look Back To The Legendary Ferrari 375 MM

Credit: Unsplash
A Simple Legendary That Lived Large

If you ever lay your hands on a Ferrari 375 MM or, better still own one, please take the best care of it and make sure it runs down to several of your generations. It is a rare gem that is worth every coin it may cost you.

Ferrari produced this car en masse in 1953 and 1954. Legend has it that the “375” naming was in line with the per-cylinder displacement of the engine. The engine was a V12 that took in 4.5L. Finally, in the naming, the “MM” was for Mille Miglia race.

The engine used on the 375MM had lots of elements borrowed from its F1 counterpart. However, this one bore a shorter crankshaft that did about 68 mm that in response did a shorter stroke. This engine had been used in a 340 erlinetta that did its lap at Le Mans.

This engine was a treasured gem in Ferrari’s stable. So valuable it was that it even found use in Ferrari’s offshore boat. It is also unique in that only 26pcs of the Ferrari 375MM were produced, yets still nine of these were the only true Pininfarina Berlinetta.

Ferrari’s rich history of engaging in some very extraordinary builds is deeply plausible. It is this approach that gives the Italian marque a rich history and great respect among its peers.