The Ginetta Akula Is The Future Of Fast

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Made For Individuality: This Is The Amazing Ginetta Akula

Introducing the Ginetta Akula at the 2019 Geneva Auto Show, Chairman Lawrence Tomlison said, “The concept behind the Akula was to build something truly individual, something that other brands cannot do due to corporate constraints.”

To give credit where it’s due, this car is capable of delivering the qualities exemplified by Tomlison. It is observably aggressively styled while remaining quite practical. This front/mid-engined coupé features an all-carbon-fiber tub chassis built alongside the company’s race cars and clad with carbon fiber body panels.

There is also amplification of aerodynamic performance which is not commonly found in road cars. This one has been given an ultra-light V8 engine in-house designed by Ginetta and taking in 6.0 liters. It is also capable of no less than 600bhp and 520lb ft of torque. A six-speed sequential paddle-shift also done by Guinetta is available. One of its unique characteristics is that the diff is connected to the engine through a short carbon fiber tail shaft.

Ginetta aims to have production for this attractive car kick off some time at the end of the year and delivery to start in early 2020. The cost is capped at $531,000 at current exchange rates. It’s therefore not a cheap car but if the specs we’ve seen are anything to go by, it is worth every dollar. Hoping that these timelines stick, we just have a couple of months to wait for this.