The Italian Mole Almas Concept Is Exquisite

Credit: Unsplash
This One Is Made For The Revolutionaries

The Italian company Mole Costruzione Artigianale gave us the Alfa Romeo 4C, a formidably great car that has kept us on tenterhooks. The Mole Almas was developed as a joint project between Umberto Palermo Design and Paolo Scudieri, president of Italy’s Adler Group. Adler is a major supplier of Alfa Romeo.

The Mole Almas borrows heavily from the iconic Italian shapes and designs of the 1960s. This design hands the Almas an elegant, sporty and light approach. You will notice the P-shaped daytime running lights placed alongside full LED headlights.

This concept car runs 4,730 mm long, 1,980 mm wide and 1,218 mm high. Although the specs of the drivetrain haven’t been revealed yet, the Mole Almas is expected to run on hydrogen but the company is also expected to bring oldie petrol engine as well.

Even with the scanty information we have ion the Mole Almas, it is deducible that it is poised to a significantly conspicuous car with bold outlines. It is also low seating and the lightweight approach affirms that this car is highly capable of great speeds and competitive riding comfort.

The continuous introduction of new concepts to the auto market is a mark of a revolution. What t his means is that consumers will have more lot of choices and competitive creations will do us a lot of good.