Who Owns This One-Off Mercedes S600 Royale

(Photo Credit: effspot)
This Mercedes Is Fit For Royalty

If you have just a single unit of the Mercedes S600 parked in your garage, then you belong to the lucky few riding some of the best high-end machines. Yet, someone thought the Mercedes-Maybach S600 nameplate isn’t enough and should do some thorough tweaking to make it exceptionally outstanding. When this was done, it bore the name Royale as an extension.

This car is built on the BW222 chassis, making it basically a Mercedes S600. The modifications that gave it a different coding include a completely changed grille that sent it back to the styling of classic Benz. The headlamps, as well as the taillights, were also picked from the SLS AMG lineage.

The owner also went ahead to require that this unique Benz carries a totally different set of chrome. It, therefore, walks with some great pride knowing that it wears unique looks on the wheel.

It is important to underline even without touching it to effect any changes the Mercedes S600 is a formidably nice luxurious sedan. For 2019, it has been made even longer and taller.

It is also admirably spacious. The cabin is also nicely articulated with a wide range of leathers and stitch elements.

Nicety goodies have also considerably grown. A twin chrome exhaust is just one of the exterior things that juice up the looks as well as LED headlights.

A panoramic sliding sunroof is also exotic. The keyless entry also makes the game sweeter here, the sunblinds also fold and unfold electronically.

The 12.3inch infotainment system further makes things more appealing. WIFI hotspot, DAB radio and even a TV turner are enticing additions here.

This is a lengthy car that encompasses the epitome of luxury cruising packed in some simplicity. It is an all-around great performer.