Crazy Power, Crazy Speed And Price – This Is The Apollo Intensa

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This car matches the name, very intense

Trust me, there is an emotional cost for the attachment that drivers have with supercars. After all, even the simplest family-car brings about some moody feelings. It is treated like a pet.

The Apollo Intensa had only ten cars made. Not only is this an exotic car but one so powerful that you wonder the limits man wants to push himself to with such machinery.

Its name loosely translates to “intense emotion,” and it is a perfectly track-focused hypercar. Producing a 780 hp is a V12 engine plucked straight from a Ferrari F12Berlinetta and powerfully revs to 9,000 rpm.

This sends the strongest signal that the Apollo Intensa is a superbly thoughtful and sensible track car. Utilizing a six-speed sequential gearbox, power will be sent down to the rear wheels pretty easily.

The company that has given us this epic machine first brought a car they named the Gumpert Apollo, borrowing its name from company founder Roland Gumpert. Then came the Apollo Arrow.

It is the Intesa however that is now headlining the company’s many changes including its new ownership by Hong Kong businessman Norman Choi. This car is perfectly road legal but, as many things from Hong Kong might do, this one challenges our imagination of supercar performance.

It is its own class in several ways including the way it hacks the exterior designs.