Awesome Camper By BMW And North Face

Credit: Unsplash
A Simplified Camper Though Promising Technology

BMW’s Designworks division has a business model through which it partners other companies to imagine the future. In its latest undertaking, it has developed the Futurelight Camper concept that comes from a collaboration with outdoor clothing company The North Face.

There is not as much information available on this venture, but there is still some good stuff worth writing home about. The lower frame is carbon fiber, and there appears to be enough room for two people to sleep inside.

The general layout suggests that a couple could tow the camper to the desired spot and then take a hike through the snow. When they return they would still have a dry place to sleep.

Probably the Futurelight fabric offers a modicum of heat insulation or the occupants might need to cuddle to keep warm, somehow. Tiny holes allow for air ventilation throughout the material, yet it remains fully waterproof to keep occupants comfortable within the camper.

The Futurelight fabric stretches over a geodesic-dome frame that was co-designed by BMW and The North Face. This stems from the nanospinning technology, which creates nano-sized holes on the fabric that keep water out but allow air to permeate.

According to The North Face, it’s lighter and more packable than traditional breathable waterproof materials.

How does this one sound? We can’t wait to sample it and give you as many details as there is on this very sound and futuristic venture.