Intuitive, Responsive, And Very Silent Mercedes-Benz EQC

(Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz)
The Well-Endowed Mercedes EV Is Very Tempting

When Mercedes invited the press to Oslo to sample its exotic the Mercedes 2020 EQC 400 compact SUV, a number of things became clear. First, this is a place where the charging infrastructure is already in place and citizens are already accustomed to lots of EVs including Teslas, Hyundai Konas, and BMWi3s.

This is further fast-tracked by the fact that the government has proposed to completely prohibit internal combustion cars by 2025 and therefore there seems to be a hurry to fall in place. Bear in mind, this is the highly-ranked crude oil and gas exporter.

The EQC feels very much like any Mercedes GLC and even carries the same suspension. It even has the same steel-tubes to make things easy in case of a crash.

However, their purpose here is to tap more fresh air. It is however almost 150 kg heavier, but officials say this doesn’t necessarily affect its performance.

In many ways, this is a very nice car to be in. It brings about, just as expected, lots of touch controls with accurate commands that respond in good time.

The now common “Hey, Mercedes,” is herein affixed for your super comforts. It can guide you on how far can you drive, where and how far your nearest charging point is and is also able pre-set loads of specifications as you would like for your next trip, including scheduled charging.

The EQC can do something in the range of 277 to 293 miles with its 80kWh battery. This battery pack weighing about 1437 lbs will take around four hours to charge, which isn’t bad at all going by the competitors it aims to take head-on.

The future is already with us as demonstrated by lots of electric car options today.