The Revolutionary Mercedes-Benz Vision Urbanetic Concept

Credit: Unsplash
The Car That Can Anticipate Traffic Trends And Get There To Salvage The Situation

In an insightful outlook at auto car concepts, somebody argued that automakers make concept cars for one of two reasons:

One, they have a good idea of what their next car will look like and want to share but aren’t ready to reveal a final version yet.

Secondly, they have a vague idea of what the future looks like and want to share, but aren’t ready to put real money or effort behind whatever wild plan they think might get them through it.

That’s quite a conclusive an appropriate and correct outlook of the idea. The Mercedes-Benz Urbanetic Vision concept is a body-swappable hybrid that can haul palettes, packages, or people, depending on when and where it’s rolling.

It is, of course, electric and autonomous in a bid to attach it entirely to the future and by all means possible. The Urbanetic is connected to real-time traffic reports and can also monitor local events and send a fleet out to a location (say a stadium after a concert, in anticipation of increased demand.)

It can communicate with people outside of the pod through displays on the front and sides. The Urbanetic “sees” pedestrians before they even step off the curb. Amazing, right?

Although Mercedes-Benz says this is just a study in electric, autonomous transportation solutions and has no plans to bring the Urbanetic to market, you cannot fail to see a well-though revolutionary idea, perhaps so much so that you would wish to have it come to life.