General Motors Patents The “Chevrolet FNR” Name

(Photo Source: Chevrolet)
You Won’t Even Think This Car Was Made By Chevrolet

We are keen to see what the future holds in every aspect of life. The automobile industry has an extraordinary approach with cars projected to come into production several years down the line already making a daring presence in the modern world.

Sometimes in 2018, there was quite a lot of hullabaloo about the Chevrolet FNR, a futuristic concept car that boasts cutting edge technology, aerodynamic tech, movable skirts as well as wheel blades with the capability to reduce drag.

GM went ahead to file the prerequisite paperwork in the United States with the Patent and Trademark Office, effectively being allowed to use the FNR moniker. But what is in this breathtaking concept that GM developed at its Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) in Shanghai, China?

It has all the footprints of greatness expected in future cars. A virtual dashboard and a sassy near-horizontal windshield are just some of the nice tweaks of your experience.

There are lots of sensors including personal eye-iris recognition for which you cannot start the car until positive identification happens. Then there is the roof-mounted radar which highlights the most suitable route by developing a map after scanning the surrounding environment.

In a nutshell, this is a clear representation that the promising niceties that the future holds for motorists in the future.