Arrinera Hussarya: The Beautiful Curvy Super Car From Poland

Credit: Unsplash
It Was Built For Two Things: Beauty And Speed!

Arrinera, from Poland, had launched into the auto industry with some fancy car designs and almost outrageously difficult naming. The Arrinera Hussarya is one of these, and company CEO Lukasz Tomkiewicz described as one “created for automobile enthusiasts with a passion for fast and beautiful cars,” he continued to call it one that was built “for enthusiasts searching for intense emotions and a massive dose of adrenaline combined with the practicality of everyday solutions.”

Quite truthfully, there was a combination of some of these elements in the Arrinera Hussarya. A major concern for the company was giving the Hussarya great aerodynamic components.

So much time was spent on these cars aero that it would eventually be described as “created by the flow of air streams moving around the body of the supercar.” This is further emphasized by the two spoilers that meant to act as reinforcement for air breaks when the car goes beyond 93 mph.

Under the hood, Arrinera Hussarya carries a V8 engine taking in 6.2-liter. This one will produce 650 HP and 604 lb/ft of torque. Customization to have the Hussarya deliver more power is still an option.

With this one, nonetheless, this beautiful curvacious vehicle will do 0 to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds, 0 to 124 mph in under 10 seconds, 0 to 186 mph in under 30 seconds, and a quarter-mile time of 11 seconds. You cannot fail to notice that a vehicle granted a top speed of 211 mph is good enough to throw the adrenaline flowing.