Mercedes-Benz S65 Final Edition: End Of An Era

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One of the historic machines in the Mercedes linage is set for final edition

In a press release that would otherwise be insignificant, Mercedes announced the end of the long history of the SGM AMG. It was to be almost inconsequential because Mercedes was, in the same press release telling us of what it plans to bring the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

But that statement in a single sentence had a lot of meaning particularly to enthusiasts and it couldn’t go unnoticed. It stated, “The S65 Final Edition, which crowns and brings to an end the long success story of the 6.0-liter V12 biturbo engine in the S-Class Saloon.”

In essence, what Mercedes was doing is announcing the end of one of its highly heralded machines. In effect, this becomes an exclusive tribute machine and a guaranteed future collectible. Only 130 examples will be made.

All of them will carry the Obsidian Black metallic color job as a symbol of its significance. To further push this exclusivity, it carries the engine cover carries the “One Man – One Engine” plaque that has been juiced up, featured in black instead of the usual silver.

But this has been a big car with a big engine with very practical abilities on the road. It is equally from a suitably pricey lineage and its exit will be undeniably felt by those who have interacted with it. You see, this car has had its rather thirsty engine as its main feature.

It is a 6.0litre twin-turbocharged V-12 carrying the brand’s 4Matic all-wheel-drive. For all these juicy systems Mercedes charges $230,495, an amount superseded only by the Maybach Pullman.