One-Off Lamborghini Zagato Raptor Is Headed To Auction

Credit: Unsplash
This one is more of a show car that will attract attention

If we were to honestly give credit where it is due, Lamborghini does quite some nice job on their design. In 1996, Lamborghini made plans to partner with the Zagato to create one of the most amazing cars, the Lamborghini Zagato Raptor.

Things never turned out as expected. However, one car that came out of this collaboration is up for grabs. RM Sotheby’s auction house is charged with the task of selling off the one-off concept Zagato that was based on the meticulous Diablo.

A distinguishing characteristic is that this car is more rounded as seen around all angles. It still looks awkward but with a sci-fi taillight bar, and an aggressive roof scoop. What stands out unequivocally is the huge tilting canopy for access and its removable Targa roof.

Apparently, the design process all happened on computers and took only four months to transform the idea into a practical car. Its entire body is carbon fiber, weighing around 660 pounds lighter than the epic Diablo.

The Raptor was also a quick machine taking in 6.7-liter V12 engine and the Diablo VT’s 6-speed manual gearbox that rides on all four wheels. The car could sprint from zero to 60mph less than 4 seconds.

After making its debut at the 1996 Geneva Motor Show the car moved out of the public glare. Its last public appearance was at the Pebble Beach Concours back in 2008. This means whoever picks it up might need to give it quite some detailed mechanical refreshing.

Again, it is more of a show car, and therefore might have difficulties getting registered for street use. Nevertheless, it is captivating and would be great fun to ride around private courses.