A Small Mobile Office: The Redspace REDS Office Car

(Photo Source: Redspace/topspeed.com)

Have you ever thought how suitable, awesome, befitting and convenient it would be if your car performs several tasks including being a superb office space? That’s what the Redspace Reds Office car was meant to be.

To make things clear, the concept is far from the autonomous car ideas we have and it resembles no other car on our roads right now. It is a design that has its own merits, having come from a renowned car designer who worked for BMW. Both the interior and the exterior are provokingly outstanding.

On the outside, the windshield is one of the attention-seeking elements. It curves outside and angles upward intimidatingly like a cop’s cap. Then there is the flat solar-paneled roof that looks more or less like a lid.

The car’s doors spread out like wings or a person opening their arms for a wide warm embrace. This is a small bug of a car whose shape cannot be described as one inspired by any other car model we know.

It would best fit cartoon character or even do very well if Mr. Bean got wind of it. In fact, its designer says that the car was heavily inspired by children’s literary arsenal. “When little kids draw cars, this is what they draw,” says Chris Bangle, the creator of this revolutionary concept.

The idea and the main motivation was to utilize the car optimally and maximally when it is not in use. Bangle continues, “We call it the 90/10 philosophy, meaning we prioritize the 90 percent of a car’s usage when it is not moving rather than the 10 percent when it is.”

If you critically look at it, the idea of making the car as useful as possible in its idle time makes a lot of sense. We can’t wait to sample this car that has its eyes set on usability in the congested cities of the world.