Experience Great Road Grip With The BMW M2

Credit: Unsplash
This Is Is The Marvelous Small Sedan, The BMW M2

BMW does some really good stuff most of the time. They build cars that are stiff and amazing with performance, comfort and handling well enhanced for today and the future.

The BMW B2 Competition is ultimately no less. This is one car that the company has endeavored to distinguish, setting apart from other BMW cars carrying the Competition badge.

This one carries not less than 365 bhp and rides on a single turbo straight-six engine. It has plucked a 3.0-liter six engine from the BMW M4 but adds an additional turbocharger.

This increases the vehicle’s power to 404 bhp. Paired to a manual gearbox that does six stops, this vehicle is easy on the road and ensures a firm grip.

There is also a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. The BWM M2 rides on its rear wheels through a limited-slip differential that is electronically controlled.

This is one is set to take up rivals such as the Porsche 718 Cayman and Alpine A110. It lacks the extreme posh look from a design perspective but increases the stake through performance. With its four seats and a sizeable luggage trunk, you can cruise on rural or urban roads at ease.

One of the good things about this car is its day-to-day abilities. It is friendly enough for all circumstances and likely to make a huge impact on the small sedan market through its thorough roadworthy approach.