Beautifully Tuned 2019 Chevrolet Camaro Yenko

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There Is Probably Nothing That Beats A Tuned-Up Yenko

The Chevrolet Camaro doesn’t need a lot of pestering to stand out in a huge crowd. It is a car of its own special clothing, abilities, and prospects. We can say profoundly from the onset that the future of this car is indeed bright.

Specialty Vehicle Engineering is a company whose contact and connection with the Yenko aren’t new. They’ve tuned Yenkos for some time now and they have put their head and hands on the 2019 version as well.

The 2019 Yenko/SC Camaro gets two kinds of refreshed turnarounds. In the first tweaking, there are an additional 10 ponies raising it to an admirable 835 hp. The other one is nothing short of pure craze and mind-boggling numbers as it gets 1,000 hp.

Both versions carry with the custom-built engine plucked out of the LT1. It will do good if served with 6.8 liters. This engine further utilizes cylinder heads from the V8 LT4. Engines on both vehicles are supercharged.

The Yenko Camaro isn’t tuned on the engine alone but on several other plausible quarters. The hood, for instance, is body-colored and made from carbon fiber.

You can also get those nice stripes running across the hood as well as the sides in a set of nine different colors. Badges are in plenty and the Yenko wears them with pride. There are badges on from Yenko branded brake calipers, Yenko crest badges, and several more badges announcing the wonders of Yenko’s horsepower.