Hyundai Unveils Prophecy EV Concept For Their Curviest Model To Date

Credit: Unsplash
Hyundai sees a Prophecy for the future with their new concept car

The automaking world is celebrating a new revolution with more automakers focusing on electric vehicles and how they approach the new designs. Hyundai just rolled out its newest EV concept that is all curves and less carbon footprint.

Last year Hyundai released their EV concept, the 45, that focused on a design with heavy linework like older models. For the new Prophecy concept, the design looks unique from every angle. This concept also wants to highlight components that are normally hidden including a transparent spoiler.

Even the headlights are unique, creating a pixelated effect. The exterior is a sight to behold but the interior is even better. Utilizing every inch of space the new concept features suicide doors, screen wrapped around the upper part of the dashboard, and joysticks replace the wheel.

The wheels resemble turbine blades and are silver six-spoke wheels. The Prophecy will also feature semi-autonomous options for self-driving mode.

Hyundai also is working towards creating an automobile that utilizes environmentally conscious materials and a Clean Air purification system that distributes purified air through the vehicle. The interior seats swivel and recline to suit the needs of the driver and passengers.