Breathtaking Sugarcoat On Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Octane Edition

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This is one fast Dodge

Sometimes you hear that an automaker is freshening up some of these amazing designs and wonder what exactly they have in mind. In their original form they look amazing and in need of very little refreshing, yet their makers think they can do better. Such is the story of the Dodge SRT Hellcat.

In its current form and shape, it is a gifted car, yet the marque thought it could do with yet some more fancy update. The update has been called the Octane Edition and is availed in two colors: Pitch Black and White Knuckle.

For a further enhanced distinct look double matte black stripes across from the hood cutting through the middle through the roof and to the rear of the car. It is completed on the edge an ultra-thin Octane Red stripe running the same length.

This car wears some muscular 20-inch wheels that have been given a deep gloss black paint. The interior is also sufficiently tweaked and looks nothing short of amazing.

The seats are typical Charger SRT Hellcat for SRT Performance and have the SRT Hellcat logo well appended. There is also a Houndstooth insert which is crowned by fine red contrasting stitching which is spread quite extensively all over the interior surfaces.

This is a 707 hp car that will be available in a limited version throughout the 2019 manufacture year. With all these new gifts, this car will add up a whole $1,495 beyond the starting price of $67,245. Nonetheless, we still have lots of praise for what it becomes after the beautiful tweaks.