Lest You Forget The Charminig CHRYSLER ME412 Concept of 2004

Credit: Unsplash
A Concept Car That Teased Us But We Can Never Forget

Even though it debuted way back in the 2004 North American International Auto Show, the Chrysler ME412 would still beat lots of modern supercars if it were to premiere in any event just as it was then. The ME412 was the code for mid-engined(ME), four-turbo (4), twelve-cylinder (12), numbers that from the onset indicate that this was a worthy contender in the league of supercars.

Talking of numbers, this vehicle adored numbers with some sort of supreme feeling. It was built to do only 2.9 secs from zero to 60mph and topped the speed on hitting 248 mph (400 kph).

The vehicle never saw the light of day, with reports adducing to a high cost of production as the sole purpose of the project’s ultimate failure. Powering the ME412 was an AMG-supplied V12 engine requiring a 6.0-liter of juice.

It was tuned with four turbochargers. Weight around 2,880 pounds, the ME412 was roared with 850 horsepower. It was envisioned as a rear-wheel-drive that was mated to a seven-speed, dual-clutch Ricardo gearbox that had specifically been birthed for the concept.

Quite often, automakers tease us with goodies we strongly feel ought to have been more than concepts. If the ME412 was to resurrect today, it would competitively wedge out quite a number of contenders. It had the looks and all other gifts that modern supercar would wear.