Look At This Amazing 965 Bhp Puritalia Berlinetta

Credit: Unsplash
Only 150 Units Of This Outstanding Car Will Be Made

Car enthusiasts that have trolled these streets for long enough will tell you that sports car specialist Puritalia from Naples has been at it for quite some time. Among its latest lovableness is Puritalia 427 from 2012. It was seen as a modern-day tuning of the memorable classic 427 Shelby Cobra.

But it is what this small company brought at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show that left enthusiasts wanting for some more as they unveiled the 965 bhp sporty car named the Berlinetta. The Berlinetta has under the hood a V8 petrol engine that works with a rear-mounted electric motor.

It is this collaboration that brings the car to 965 bhp as the company claims. This car is also backed up by a hybrid system that is apparently controlled a software backed up by artificial intelligence (AI).

With this, the Belinetta is able to track real-time data on traffic, weather, and road conditions. It even gets delicious as the driver is handed three driving modes: Sport, Corsa, and e-Power.

If you choose the Corsa mode, you will be impressed by the noises coming from the exhaust. There is also what the company calls eMozione switch, which raises the torque from the electric motor to 273 lb-ft.

We’ve continuously seen the market for the hand-crafted hybrid and electric sports cars grow. Italy is leading in the number of small firms tuning great brands and even crafting vehicles right from the ground up. The Berlinetta will apparently build only 150 units, but we can already see how unique things will be.