One Mercedes-Benz 540K Was Priced At $15 Million

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The 540K Was The King Of Luxury Driving Back In The Days

The Mercedes-Benz 540K belongs to a class of cars that were most outstanding in its time. It was described by a renowned expert as one of the “most modern cars” in the 1930s. Looking at the few that hover around today, you simply have to agree with him.

Carrying a straight-8 cylinder engine, this car was able to eventually generate 180 hp (130 kW), and did an impressive 110 mph (170 kilometers per hour.) Riding the rear wheels, this car took advantage of a four-speed or optional five-speed manual gearbox. The braking system was vacuum-assisted.

Customers of the 540K could choose from three available, all of which provided slight differences in the general operations of the car, although most of the items remain more or less the same. It is said that the factory based in Sindelfingen Germany had around 1,500 employees tasked with building the 540K. Customization was highly prioritized.

In 2018, an auction company quoted one of these at $15 million. History further says that the last two 540K roadsters were built in 1939. Later on, a dozen armor-plated, six-passenger convertibles of this impressive vehicle were built upon a stretched wheelbase version of the chassis.

You can be certain they were all built for the highly placed in the German Nazi hierarchy. As things are today, this was a time when special engineering was given great attention.