The Lotus Elise Is No Doubt A Practical Car

Credit: Unsplash
One Of The Early Models By Lotus

If you argue that the Lotus Elise hasn’t changed much since first saw the light of day 1996, you wouldn’t be very wrong. The same old pleasantly extruding bonded aluminum chassis is evidence of this.

In addition, it remains a featherweight performer continuously demystifying the sports car arena. It carries several unique characteristics that make it a vehicle of its own means.

Engine choices of the Lotus Elise include a naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine that will carry just 1.6-liter. You can also pick a supercharged 1.8. Since it is meant to get sportier, lots of enhancement have been done on this Toyota-sourced engine to give it the motorsport specifications.

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales promises the reinvention of the Lotus Elise in 2019, without erasing the friendly, firm and unique values of the Lotus Elise. He says, “We’ve not yet completely defined the car, but one thing is almost certain – I want to stick with an aluminum-bonded chassis. Look at the variations you can do: Elise, Exige, and Roadster versions. It is our intention to go that route with the next Elise.”

The company has promised to give us a larger SUV by 2020, which is a good thing considering that market shifts demand such adjustments. Nonetheless, its lightweight class vehicles including the Elise and the Exige still remain small beloved possessions with lots of practicality.