The Simple And Sporty Morgan Plus 4 Is Still Very Classy

(Photo Source: Morgan Motor Company)
A Classic Car That Is Afraid Of Too Much Modernization

The Morgan Plus 4 is among the nameplates that have graced the world of motoring for a rather long time. It has been around since 1950.

A note worth writing home about is that it is that not as much about this car has changed over the years. It is still curvy, got chrome and the front wings still sit conspicuously and spin creatively.

Talk of a classic car that has very little interest in modernization, yet manages to capture the attention of car lovers and enthusiasts so loudly. The vehicle carries a simple 2,088 cc four-cylinder engine.

Fixed upon considerably longer 4-4 chassis, this is a car that never fails to amuse the masses. Built by the Morgan Motor Company, the Morgan Plus 4 doesn’t seem to be in a rush to compete with anyone. The Plus 4 is still the main car in the Morgan range.

The four-cylinder Morgan is able to do a mild 110 bhp and it can also rise all the way to 154bhp Plus 4. It is this latter version that customers seem to favor the most and is quite a good sale.

The Morgan Plus 4 is not the kind that you expect to get popular or favored by fancy enthusiasts. However, for those who understand its history and its uniqueness, it remains a good choice, especially because it keeps just about everything very simple.