1,500 hp And 298 mph! This Is The Saleen S7

(Photo Credit: RM Auctions)
Power, Performance, and Beauty All Rolled In One

The Saleen S7 was among America’s first mid-engined supercars that had the likes of the Vector W8 and M12. This said and done, there are very high chances that it won’t be the last and so much more is to come.

When it was harnessed with a twin-turbo model back in 2007, the output rose to a massive 750 horsepower, with the ability to hit 248-mph top speed. Over the years, we are seeing a shift in the approach that supercars are being built.

For instance, Saleen remained a tuner of Ford products until they surprised everyone with the Saleen S1. Things were never to be the same again.

The body of the S7 was purely carbon fiber, utilizing scoops, spoilers, and other aerodynamic specifications to give the vehicle the best downforce possible. This vehicle further incorporates lots of electrical that work the windows, remote-controlled doors, the hood, the trunk, and lots of other systems.

If the Saleen was a sight tio behold, the S7 takes things to a higher spec. In mid-2019, Saleen announced that a 1,500 car meant for the Le Mans is will be released soon.

It is anticipated to do no less than 298 mph, hitting 0-62 mph in just 2.2 secs. It is a limited car but the numbers are not out yet.

Saleen recently made its China launch, signaling new dawn. This is a clear statement that we are yet to see the best from the celebrated marque-