The Vector W2 Received Praise And Backlash In Equal Measure

Credit: Unsplash
You either love it or hate it

An article dated December 1980 appearing on a popular motoring magazine had this to say about the Vector W2, “Nothing like the Vector W2 has ever rolled the face of the earth before, and the earth should count itself lucky.” This might sound like a hyperbolic expression by a super excited writer but the writer chose his words carefully and quite accurately.

The Vector W2 doesn’t fall in the category of cars that come to the surface of the earth and disappear without notice. Created by Vector Aeromotive Corporation from 1989 to 1993, this car had the input of some of the brightest minds and well-respected chaps of this era.

Company founder and chief designer Gerald Wiegert was the guy who breathed life into this car while David Kosta who was the company’s head of engineering worked teeth and nail to refine it to one fine piece of work. Not only did the Vector W2 pride in an exotic yet simple design but one of the best engines of the time as well.

It rode on an exclusive modified Turbo-Hydramatic 425 engine sourced from General Motors. The engine was further spiced up with two intercooler Garrett turbochargers that generated 625 hp (466 kW) at 5,700 rpm.

The W2 was a project that received backlash and praise in almost equal measure. While some testers gave it a sickening bad review, others praised several aspects of the car. Whatever your standing might have been about the W2, the bottom line is that it was a car that couldn’t just pass unnoticed on the surface of planet earth.