This Is The Big, Practical, And Easy-Going Toyota Sequoia

Credit: Unsplash
Simple and Practical: This Is A Different Toyota

It’s been a while since the Toyota Sequia dressed in a fresh outfit. The last major facelift was actually in 2008 and this made it look like one neglected kid. 2019 has however brought good tidings for this economic large SUV that hauls up to eight people.

For this year, revisions included an updated on the center console as well as the dashboard design. This has brought lots of driver assistance features and a host of other tech-related upgrades.

The dashboard is can be faintly dismissed as plainly functional without much fanfare. All models are offered a 6.1-inch touchscreen. This is considerably smaller than most rival displays.

A major undoing of the Sequoia is that features including Apple CarPlay, Android Auto as well as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, are missing yet most rivals today would rather make a car that misses one wheel and not these features. Perhaps that’s why the Sequoia compensates for this loss with a rear-seat entertainment system, which, again, is only available on some trims.

The Sequoia’s only available drivetrain is the 381-hp V-8 engine that is fixed to a six-speed automatic transmission. You can choose either the rear- or four-wheel drive. This is a practicality oriented car as opposed to flashy, opulent offerings.

As such, it handles off-roading with an appreciating demeanor and can pull up to 7,000 pounds. The exterior design why not gloomy is also rough enough to demonstrate some sense of tough skin,