$49,000 Tesla Pickup Will Be The Ultimate Game Changer

(Photo Source: Tesla/investorintel.com)

The automobile world has now become somewhat accustomed to Elon Musk’s unending optimistic bursts over the future of his Tesla Motors and electric vehicles (EVs) in general. He is perhaps the most vocal person with a positive attitude towards the EV market, even when times seem very challenging for his own company.

This is probably what makes him going especially at a time when the market has been substantially infiltrated with concepts of all manner. In a recent podcast, Elon hinted about a Tesla truck that would cost less than $49,000.

This is not an entirely new idea but one with which he has played since 2013. He now says that this EV truck would easily do anything between 400 and 500 miles.

Musk further says that his truck would be large enough for six people. But perhaps the most interesting bit of information from the Tesla CEO is his observation that this truck would be large enough for a competitor’s full-size truck to fit in.

This would no doubt be a gamechanger and this makes it even more exciting to wait for news on its horsepower and torque capabilities. Musk added that this truck would have “a suspension that dynamically adjusts for load.”

The world will be waiting in bated breath for Tesla to keep its word. In spite of a myriad of challenges that the company has faced, it has recently made commendable strides in the positive direction. We are equally optimistic that a Tesla truck would vehemently turn things around in this market.