Cheers To Another Italian Born: The Dallara Stradale

Credit: Unsplash
This Is Beautifully And Wonderfully Made In Italy

For a long time, Italian manufacturer Dallara has busied themselves with building race cars and chassis for other automakers. They have now stepped out of this zone to make their first streetcar, named the Dallara Stradale.

A company that has built chassis for major racing competitions including Formula 3, Formula E, IMSA as well as Indy Car must know what needs to be done to create an amazingly outstanding car. The experience of more than 50 years should be put into really good use.

The asking price of the basest Dallara Stradale is approximately $175,000 without asking for any of the numerous options available. You can have it without the windshield or with a windshield which turns into a roadster.

Yet still, you can opt to have it with a bar crossing the cabin length. From whatever choice you make you can make it a coupe.

The Dallara Stradale is carefully chosen. It is offered by the Ford Focus RS. It is a 2.3-liter EcoBoost, that was taken over by Bosch and made to produce 395 bhp and will pull up to 3,691 lb-ft.

The dash is also kept relatively clean with just minimal useful controls such as the HVAC system, and then there are switches for essentials such as the turn signals and exterior lights. The digital gauge cluster feeds the driver with as much information as they need to know.

Where and how the Italian carmaker takes this beautiful car from here is up to them, but it is a handsome attempt for the first time for which we anticipate fans asking for more.