The $3 Million Lamborghini Sian Is A Powerful EV

Credit: Unsplash

Lamborghini teases EV before Frankfurt Auto Show

As if what we have seen in regards to electric motoring is not enough, things are seemingly changing just as fast.

Lamborghini has hinted on what is poised to be one of its most powerful cars ever. Dubbed the Lamborghini Sian, the limited-edition model is that will make its world debut at next week’s Frankfurt motor show.

You can read a great deal of the Aventador on the Sian. However, the exclusive bodywork characterized by distinctive design especially at the front, rear as well as sides of the car keep the Sian apart.

The interior is also significantly different but the steering wheel and the dashboard format are borrowed from the Aventador. Lamborghini says only 63 of the hybrid car will be made, further saying that they are already sold out.

The ultimate uniqueness of the Sian is in its power structure. Lambo is using what it calls a “supercapacitor” to deliver 34-horsepower. Supercapacitors basically unleash power electronics more or less like the batteries but have a better capacity since they don’t degrade that as quickly as lithium batteries.

In essence, the Lamborghini Sian is a vehicle that is supposed to showcase outstranding engineering standards, style, and futuristic approach. It is undoubtedly a battle of the titans as each automaker puts their best brains to give us iconic electric cars.