Here Is The Visionary Dodge Rampage Concept That Never Came To Be

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The Big and Bold Dodge Concept That Came And Left Almost Unnoticed

The 2006 Dodge Rampage concept is in the class of cars that we regret never went to production but ought to. It was not only an overwhelmingly futuristic car but attempted to combine lots of capabilities in just one package.

This car’s first striking feature was its cargo box which extended for a whole five feet. The Hemi engine sat with this weight and was supposed to drive the front wheels.

The designer thus had this description for the Rampage, “It’s the truck for the non-traditional buyer.” There was a major selling point in the fact that it had attempted not to tamper with passenger space.

Perhaps the main highlight above every other exterior design was the combination of conventional doors (found in front) with sliding doors in the rear. The lack of the B-pillars made it extremely easy to access the cabin.

The loively interior reminded passengers that after all this was a Dodge and not a countryside work horse. It was friendly, sported just the right ambiance and near luxurious provisions in seats and the dash made it even more exotic.

The Dodge Rampage borrowed the name from a vehicle produced in the eighties that again didn’t last too long. However, this latter concept was very promising and evolutionary. If Dodge ever brings this vehicle back, it will need just a little tweaking to sit well with modern engineering and to wear smart technology stuff.