What Powered The Exotic Mitsuoka Orochi?

(Photo Source: topspeed.com)
Another Unique Car From Japan

The Mitsuoka Orochi was produced by Japanese marquee Mitsuoka between 2006-2014. It was the kind of car you couldn’t instantly classify as a supercar, but carried all the gifts of a true road champion.

The engine that drives the Orochi was sourced from Toyota and had actually been used in several sedans including the Camry, Avalon as well as the Sienna models. It gave out just 233 horsepower, placing the Orochi in a rather awkward position when it comes to categorization.

In fact, some reviews find the Orochi as one very ugly, if not the ugliest car in the world. To each his own, no doubt everyone is gifted differently and the Orochi has beauty elsewhere and we dare say it is a car that would easily stand out primarily because of its uncommonness and the combination of parts from various industry players.

The Orochi’s doors, for instance, are built using both Honda and Lexus parts. The grille is comprehensively outstanding and distinct.

It is flanked twin headlamps and the entire front is a serious attention seeker. Conspicuous too are the circular light clusters, as well as a vertical window that speaks of some inspiration from Ferraris.

Lots of leather accentuates the interior and the outline is quite impressively done. This is a five-speed automatic box plucked out of a Lexus RX off-roader and is perhaps one of the quickest impressions that the Orochi aims at achieving some high-performance levels.

Whichever way you look at it, this was a good attempt by a novice company to deliver a competitive yet outstanding vehicle.