Morgan Aero 8: Classic Meets Modernity In This Small Car

Credit: Unsplash
A Small Car That Has Modern Specs And Classic Features All In One

The Morgan Aero 8 built by Morgan Motor Company is undeniable quite a spectacle and something that takes you back lots of years down. It is meant to steal attention, and it does this by combining classic looks with graceful modernity. When you look at the side-exit exhaust system, you understand just how outstanding this car can get.

The interior of this car is equally intriguing. There is a lot of high-quality attachments and as many bespoke materials all round. Apparently, you can choose from a list of 37 leather colors, eight-seat piping and carpet options and three-seat pleat designs.

Amazingly, even the dashboard has been made configurable, such that you can settle for an old-school toggle switch dash or pick a pretty modern infotainment system. This too is offered in a seven soft-top color and three hardtop options.

Performance and speed are equally taken care of in this car. Powered by a 4.8-liter engine that is sourced from BMW, this car manages 367 bhp and 370 lb-ft.

It weighs just 1,180kg. Power is sent to the wheels via a six-speed gearbox, that helps this car to spring from 0-62 mph in just 4.5 seconds. One of the things that set modern Morgan vehicles apart is the company’s experience in GT racing where it draws a lot of inspiration from.

They had set a goal at homologation of particular cars so that racing engineering is translated to road legal machines. The Aero 8 gives Morgan a good standing ground to launch a potentially successful future.