Stunning Super Cars From The Paris Motor Show

A Sneak Peek Into Paris 2018

Motor shows are a big thing for the auto world, showing the future innovations for up and coming motor companies. It is for a good reason that manufacturers and exhibitors make a lot of noise and fuss about them. This is big deal and just like anything else in life, sometimes they do it right and sometimes things don’t just hit the mark. The audience, however is almost always overly amused.

The 2018 Paris Motor Show took place amid an aura of pessimism. To some analysts, this wasn’t entirely unexpected given that manufacturers have made positive stages in advancement of projects especially in electric vehicles and autonomous cars.

Even then, the Paris Motor show brought about a heavy presence of innovative ideas, revitalizing engineering and amazing designs. Importantly, it was a coming together of established brands, aspiring newcomers and of course wannabes still learning to crawl.

Take for instance the Peugeot E-Legend which conspicuously stood out as a sore thumb. Conceptualized by Peugeot Chief Designer Gillies Vidal, the all-electric E-Legend is an upgrade version of the similarly plausible 504 Coupe. We might not see it on the road just yet as Peugeot CEO Jean-Phillipe hinted that it might go to production around 2020. Nonetheless,this is just a preview of amazing advances down the lane.

But it is Porche’s 911 Speedster Concept meant to coincide with the company’s 70th celebration that left tongues wagging. Porsche never disappoints in its application of technology, speed optimization and road handling.The manufacturer aims at doing 1,948 of the 911 riding on a 4.0 liter engine capacity and 493 bhp. The good thing is that we might have it on our roads soon as could be revealed in Los Angeles Motor Show coming up in November.

New cars meant to raise celebrations mood don’t end with Porsche. The Smart ForEase and Smart Mobile Disco brought are focused are lined up for 20-years celebration of the company’s existence.

From this sneak peak, it is clear that the road ahead is well cut out and manufacturers are gearing up for more rather amusing days ahead.