Here Is The Lamborghini Reventon That Cost $1.5 Million

Credit: Unsplash
With Only 21 Of The Reventon Cars Made, This Car Is A Star

The year is 2008 and Lamborghini brings around the limited production car dubbed the Lamborghini Reventon. It makes just 21 of these, one of which is a museum car.

In the company’s explanation, Reventon is Spanish for “small explosion” or burst. Looking at the car, you acknowledge it takes a cue from fighter planes.

The Reventon borrows mechanical specs from the Murcielago LP640. It thus carries a V12 engine that consumes 6.5-liter and produces 650bhp.

It is attached to a six-speed sequential e-gear transmission. This notwithstanding, the Reventon had several elements of uniqueness.

The instrument panel, for instance, comprised three LCD displays caged in an aluminum block and protected by a carbon-fiber casing. There is also a G-meter display in the instrument cluster.

While the exterior is laced in flat-grey giving the Reventon just that flat look, the interior is clothed in black leather and brown Alcantara. Back then, the Lamborghini Reventon was priced from $1.5 million.

But is the Lamborghini Aventador that gave this car a serious run for its money. Viewed as a far better replacement in every aspect, the Aventador floored it several times over.

When automakers build special-edition cars, they aim at not only making an impact but also retain the tag of uniqueness. The Reventon, though outstanding, isn’t so hard to find from a renowned dealer. This, however, doesn’t downgrade its rarity.