The Bristol Fighter V10 Made Was Delighting And Rare

Credit: Unsplash
A Very Uncommon Car Built With Little Publicity

Although the gull-winged GT has had a little discussion that is not easy to settle. Someplace the number of those built at 14, others at 9 while some say 11 of them were made. Either way, this was a rare car and remains outstanding.

This car carries a V10 Dodge Viper engine that carries 8.0-liter. Bristol modified this car to do produce 525hp, allowing the Fighter to sprint all the way to 210mph. It is able to hit 60mph in just 4 seconds flat.

This two-seater has a specific focus on lightweight. It was characterized by its elegant pair of gull-wing doors. Being the first one from Bristol it raised a huge scuffle and some skepticism.

In 2006, the company introduced Fighter T, which was a turbocharged version of the Fighter. This car carried a Chrysler engine, epitomizing the good relationship the two manufacturers have had for a time.

The T version carried the Chrysler V10 produced over 1000 hp and pulled 1,036 lb-ft (1,405 N⋅m) of torque at 4,500 rpm. For a long time, Bristol has succeeded in satisfying the need for exclusivity, particularly from special customers who place orders that are almost very intimately built.

It, therefore, takes an ardent fan and enthusiast to follow up on the developments at an outfit like Bristol. What is more exciting though is the acknowledgment that anything that comes out of its production line is outstanding and as unique as it can.