There Is Something Special About The Dacia Duster

Credit: Unsplash
This SUV So Beloved By Owners

Romanian carmakers Dacia brought to the world the Duster in 2010. It was the first SUV from them and had been worked up in collaboration with Renault.

It would debut at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, bearing several characteristics from the sedan and hatchback comrades such as the Logan and Sandero. Nine years is a long time in the growth and development of automotive and quite a lot goes under the bridge.

Some cars get overwhelming updates within such a period, so much so that they might look like totally different cars all the same. The Dacia Duster we have today is more of a practical car that doesn’t care too much about being overly luxurious.

It is a rugged but nicely styled 4×4 whose raised height makes good for off-road cruising. Actually, some of the luxuries on it can only be found in some overrated premium brands or simply more expensive crossover rivals.

There Duster is offered in three petrol engines plus a diesel option. Then there is the choice between two or four-wheel drive, which is automatically pegged on the choice of your engine. You also have four trims to pick from.

The Duster is an interesting SUV to ride in first because of its size, it is a giant among equals. It is then given a competitive advantage with a range of choices to pick from. Ultimately, Dacia Duster owners love their cars for a good reason and they are justified to hold on to them for as long as they can.