This Is The Thunderous Lister Thunder: Powerful, Unique, And Noisy

Credit: Unsplash
This Is Made To Reflect The Name

Some crafty chap wrote about the Lister Thunder saying that “you are more likely to hear it before you see it. This is of course, in reference to the exhaust noise that this awesomely curvy little supercar makes.

The Thunder lies on a Jaguar F-Type Coupe and gets its own lovely tuning and special specs that make it thunder this loud. This begins with 21-inch wheels, a lowered suspension and finally a host of special paint and badges. This is cannot be in any way your standard car, it will appear and look like a sci-fiction mystery.

Under the hood is a powerful 5-liter, supercharged V8 which is further boosted with a supercharger. You will love the new inter-coolers air filters and the noisy exhaust system from Novitec. This engine will help the Thunder to hit 666bhp and pull 720lb ft of torque.

Tuning Jaguars is Lister’s newfound love and company CEO Lawrence Whittaker says that they are hoping to become synonymous once again with tuning Jaguar vehicles, giving customers new enhanced, bespoke performance and design alternatives to Jaguar’s acclaimed model program.

Tuning Jaguars is something the car did in the 50s and reviving the idea doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all. If you hear an extremely noisy thunderous vehicle in your neighborhood, it is likely to be a Lister Thunder.