This Is The Austin-Healey 3000

Credit: Unsplash
For Its Beauty And Performance, It Became A Success

Speaking of the Austin Healey, one reviewer had this to say about one of the most memorable cars: “A decent big Healey makes for brilliant driving, and it’s a great investment, too. Yet solid specimens are rarer than you might think.”

We quite unequivocally agree with them. The Austin Healey belongs to a one a class of truly rare cars. This alone isn’t the reason why this car is great but lots of other elements make it beautifully exclusive.

The Austin-Healey 3000 belongs to a special class of British sports cars that were built between 1959 to 1967. It belongs to a group of cars that were known as “big Healey” models.

Over its lifetime, this car moved from an open sports car to a lovely sports convertible. The year 1963 is still memorable for the Healeys having exported virtually all the Austin-Healey 3000 cars, most of them ending up in North America.

There are many ways through which the success of the 3.0-liter car could be measured. Perhaps the most important of them is severally winning in its class around Europe.

Although the vehicle producer British Motor Corporation ended production of the Austin-Healey in 1967, it is still a common classic in many classic races today.