When You Finally Meet The Lamborghini Countach

Credit: Unsplash
This car was unbeatable in many ways

Someone exclaimed that the Lamborghini Countach is a bad boy car. There is all reason to agree with these statements. In its heydays, this was a car that did more than send statements about you.

The Lamborghini Countach was designed by Marcello Gandini, a man who also took credit for the incredible Miura and Espada. It caught the public eye at the Geneva motor show in 1971 and production kicked off in 1974.

From the scissor doors to the wedge-shaped front end to the geometrically impossible greenhouse, the Countach had brought to the world lots of elements that sounded and looked more fictional than real. The Countach features a Lamborghini V12 engine that was mounted at the rear mid-engine.

It also drove through its rear wheels. It took advantage of a 5-speed manual transmission. The interior, just like the exterior was a piece of art whose story brought fiction to real life. In the initial rendering, Gandini had ideas for lots of digital equipment on the dashboard.

Some of them were overly ambitious, including aircraft or spaceship-inspired warning lights at the center of the steering column. It was so advanced even back then that one of the warning lights blinked when a set speed was exceeded.

Then there was the on-board diagnostic system, which was outstanding. This feature is now standard in most road commoners but it was back then an extraordinary piece to have on such a car.