The Toyota FJ Cruiser Is As Tough As It Looks!

Credit: Unsplash
Is Toyota considering a comeback for the FJ Cruiser?

Toyota’s FJ Cruiser is all standards a car that is supposed to take us back to the good, old days. Turning a deaf ear to the changing nature of car design, the Toyota FJ Cruiser carries a retro design that you cannot fail to notice.

The FJ relies heavily on the looks of the original Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. Conspicuous characteristics include the near-vertical windscreen and the ‘underbite’ bumper bar. Never mind it is still a seven-seater.

Though this model was discontinued a couple of years ago, Toyota has dropped some hints that this model may be making a comeback. Toyota even unveiled a similar style concept called the FT-4X that has a similar body to the FJ Cruiser.

All along, the FJ Cruiser never found it really necessary to upgrade the interior. Everything in there is still very basic. The steering wheel maintains the 10 and 3 positions and, even to keep everything as retro as possible you will still find the 4WD equivalent of a spirit level (pitch and roll indicator) and a good, old-fashioned compass on the dash.

But it is a very spacious car, perhaps built with the American height in mind. The passenger and driver can rest arms on the armrest available on each seat. If you pick the five-speed automatic transmission or the automatic transmission, your engine will be the 4.0-liter quad-cam V6 producing 380Nm of peak torque at 4,400 rpm and 200kW of power at 5,600 rpm.

This is a vehicle built for awesome off-roading utilizing part-time 4WD as well as active traction control and even the electrically operated rear-differential lock. It gives us some of the highest ground clearances in the Toyota range, making it an all-weather car.