Only A Handful Of Ferrari 599 GTO Were Made

Credit: Unsplash
Ferrari Borrowed From A Race Car To Make This Road Legal Speed Star

The Ferrari 599 GTO comes from a rare breed of Ferraris. So special is this breed that only 599 of them were made, and only 125 of them were destined for the United States of America.

The 2011 Ferrari 599 Gran Turismo Omologata (GTO) was first brought to the light of the masses in April 2010. It was a road-legal version of the company’s epic 599XX model made for the track.

This was by no means a car meant to classify as lightweight even though it bears an aluminum bodyshell. It is a big machine carrying no less than a 6-liter V12 engine that is placed between the front wheels.

With this engine, this Ferrari generates 612 to 661 bhp. This powertrain enables the car to garner 208mph maximum on the 8400rpm rev-limiter.

During production, this car was given a set of new springs, dampers, electronic systems, wheels, tires and also benefited from a new generation of carbon-ceramic brakes. This was a car that was built to amuse drivers while leaving guys on the streets with mouth agape.

It was a nice piece that came with such limited numbers that you cannot help to love its scarcity. Ferrari put this car on a handsome price tag back in 2011 but you can be sure it fetches even more bountifully today.