It Is Rewarding To Upgrade A BMW i8

Credit: Unsplash
Says Car-Tuner AC Schnitzer ACS8

AC Schnitzer takes on BMWs and tunes them like life is entirely dependent on the outcome of this tuning. In the end, you will have not your typical BMW base trim model but a lovely and somewhat outrageously upgraded BMW you can’t help but brag about.

In an upgraded AC Schnitzer ACS8 the i8 can bequeath high-performance specs that make it very close to the supercar next door. The stylish finishes range from anything that the customer orders to extra exotic fittings that overwhelmingly change the outlook of the base car.

An i8 that wears bespoke 21-inch alloys, has its suspension lowered, carries awesome new carbon fiber spoilers, as well as skirts and wings, can be nothing less than tantalizing. In some cases, the powertrain is retained, while others get some magical powers.

In one case, 530bhp from an M8 was raised to a graceful 620bhp. When this is coupled with a quad-piped sports exhaust and the above mentioned 20in alloy wheels, you have some good reason to feel at the top of the world.

One of the things that the Aachen-based company has gotten right is choosing a car that responds warmly to the demanding tweaks. On its own, the M850i brings around both four-wheel drive and all-wheel capabilities.

Thus, adding almost 100 bhp just does it some more good. Tweaking BMWs to carry out euphoric tasks can be a rewarding thing. These road beasts have little worries in performance or looks and therefore whatever changes you give them are likely to come out impressively.