2019 Tesla Model X Is Prime To Take Over

(Photo Credit: Tesla)
Ready To Roll: Tesla’s Big SUV Is Upon Us

Whatever impact Tesla has had on the automotive industry and particularly the EV world is simply irreversible. The company has simply been not only among the grandest of voices but a benchmark tool for other players.

The Tesla mode X is riding very much in line with the philosophy of turning and twisting the status quo. For 2019, a simplified structure has been chosen, giving the Model X a larger battery that is said to deliver up to 32 miles range. Besides this, there is another version that is able to do 289 miles and sprints from zero-to-60mph in 3.5 secs.

Perhaps one of the interesting development for this car is that Tesla is able to pump a quicker acceleration time of about 2.8 secs, and this will cost less than previous figures. This is done by unlocking what Tesla calls Ludicrous Mode and your Tesla will be doing flying speeds.

It is a quick charge especially for your recharge from one of Tesla’s Superchargers across the country. For home charging, Tesla has suitable equipment that can substitute the 240V or 120V connection.

Tesla favors a near-buttonless interior design, this is one is further souped by a huge touchscreen for the infotainment system. You will also admire the faux leather wraps placed over just about everything including the seats and the door panels.

Tesla has done a great attempt at giving this car an upper hand, and seemingly there is success for these efforts. Given that this is Tesla’s first bigger model (enough for seven people) there are lots of hopes on it and how it performs into the future. We are watching closely.